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October 29, 2018

Hello! My name is Krystal Horudko and I’m sending greetings from Canada’s smallest province, Prince Edward Island.  Don’t let my accent fool you, I spent my first 35 years in the Land of Living Skies and moved to land of Anne ten years ago.  

It is an honour to be chosen as an artisan for this years Sundog, it’s been a dream of mine  since I attended my first faire in 1988.  I started collecting sea glass shortly after moving to the island and after amassing a sizeable amount I was pressured into “doing something with it”.  My first project was a floral picture for my best friend (who will be by my side at the faire) and when it was done, I didn’t feel it represented our friendship enough so I decided to sell it and make another.  I posted it online and within two minutes it was sold, when I came home from work I had orders for 8 more.  That was just shy of two years ago, since then my work has been in two galleries and purchased by clients from around the world including Africa and Australia.  But I am both thrilled and humbled to be bringing my creations home to you in December.  

Sea glass (aka beach glass, sea gems and Mermaid tears) is formed from discarded glass from various sources (think bottles, windows and dishes) that are tossed into the ocean or Northumberland Straight. The water acts like a giant rock tumbler where time, stress and friction breaks the discarded glass down to beautiful, soft edged pieces with patina that is reflective of the shore it came from. It takes about 10 years for a piece of sea glass to form and some pieces we find date back over 400 years. I beach comb for hours at a time with my family finding our treasures in the sand and rocks with nothing but the sound of the waves, our dogs barking, and calls from herons, bald eagles and blue jays filling the air. All most of my art is inspired by my family and life on the prairies. All of the frames that I use are repurposed, I get them second hand and refinish them and give them a second life.

Come check out my work, our jewelry and gift ideas for a truly one of a kind gift that people will remember you for. See you there!


You can find me on Etsy and Facebook.




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